Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ryan Elantri - When and How to Invest

The future is uncertain. And as an Economics major at Pennsylvania State University, Ryan Elantri understands the need for wise (and early) investing as a form of risk mitigation. He is a member of the Penn State Investment Association, a club that helps students understand the various avenues available to them for investing.

Ryan Elantri

Learning how to invest effectively is an important skill to cultivate. One of the ways to do so is by immersing yourself in the fundamentals of finance. Whether it’s through Bloomberg News or The Wall Street Journal, there is always a competitive edge to be gained through disciplined research. Understanding how various valuation techniques for your investments are affected by the current state of the market is key for deciding which investment strategy to pursue. If the Greek economy is on the verge of default, one might look to German investment-grade bonds as a safe investment in Europe.