Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Ryan Elantri: Achieving Success in the Field of Investment Banking

Ryan Elantri has recently achieved a major milestone, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics at The Pennsylvania State University in 2017. With plans to begin and sustain a career in finance well after graduation, Ryan Elantri built a student resume that has included active, hands-on involvement in such areas as hedge funds and investment banking; experience that promises to provide him the head start he needs to be successful right out of the gate.
Ryan Elantri

As Ryan Elantri knows, success in the world of investment, particularly within the field of investment banking, requires a considerable amount of preparation. This includes:

Building a Network

The ability to create and maintain a network of professional connections is essential to success. Not only should aspiring investment bankers strive to cultivate an extensive network right from the start; they should also utilize the wealth of human resources they acquire to learn and grow throughout their career.

Developing Stamina

New industry professionals should understand that the demands of investment banking are intense, particularly for those new to the field. Long hours and flexibility are often mandatory, so it’s best to prepare yourself for the potential schedule and workload that lies ahead.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Mistakes are common for investment banking newbies, just as they are for those new to any other profession. The trick in investment banking, however, is to minimize those mistakes as much as possible. In such a fast-paced industry, just one simple mistake can set you back considerably.
Ryan Elantri is proud to be a part of The Pennsylvania State University Class of 2017.