Sunday, 7 January 2018

Ryan Elantri: Participant in Meeting

As a valued participant in meetings of The Nittany Lion Fund LLC, Ryan Elantri’s collaboration includes tracking global financial trends through the Association’s Investopedia-sponsored Portfolio Management project. 

During the months of June and July of 2015, Ryan Elantri was a respected participant in BoardRoom Limited.  As a Summer Analyst in Finance & Accounting, Ryan Elantri was afforded the opportunity to add exponentially to his knowledge of corporate and private finance and the fundamentals of business law in locations in the Asia-Pacific theatre, specifically the People’s Republic of China.  
 Ryan Elantri is proficient in Mandarin Chinese, and as such led an English Training workshop for over 30 of BoardRoom Shanghai’s staff members.  As a result of this training and education, Ryan Elantri was able to enhance the satisfaction levels of current and future clients.  While in Shanghai, Ryan Elantri was part of meetings with major BoardRoom partners.  This included Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of Shanghai (Hong Kong).
Ryan Elantri’s time in Shanghai, China was part of his enrollment in a Business, Finance and Marketing course with the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance.                                              

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Ryan Elantri: Graduated from Sharon High School in Sharon

When he graduated from Sharon High School in Sharon, Massahusetts in 2013, Ryan Elantri was awarded the “Best Chinese Language Student” recognition for his graduating class  Ryan Elantri also received a scholarship from a local Chinese-American association.

Mr. Ryan Elantri is today a member of the Penn State Economics Association, a professional academic organization which exists to promote education, development and interaction between students, faculty, alumni and outside entities.  Programs exist to accomplish this objective, and the PSUEA facilitates the growth of its members through discussions, economic stimulations and events.  Many gatherings are created and designed to help PSUEA members develop skills and obtain knowledge which cannot be reached in a classroom.  The Association presents information sessions which bring members and companies together for purposes of recruitment of employees, helping members understand professional software use and designing internships.
The Penn State Economics Association is an important bullet point on Ryan Elantri’s resume.  His membership in the organization signals his strong involvement and passion for economics and associated studies.  Ryan Elantri takes part in leadership opportunities provided through the PSUEA, as well as the interactive presentations and projects which help him, and all members, grow academically.