Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Ryan Elantri: Skills Needed for a Successful Financial Industry Career

A recent graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, Ryan Elantri has come to understand those skills so essential to sustaining a career in the financial sector. Currently in pursuit of a position within a major financial institution, Ryan Elantri has acquired the knowledge and experience needed to hit the ground running, and is prepared to take on the challenges of such a career with energy and enthusiasm. 

Ryan Elantri

Making one’s name in the field of finance, a highly competitive arena, requires a strong foundation of knowledge and experience from which to launch a career. As Mr. Ryan Elantri knows, it also requires considerable skill in such areas as:


As with any other profession, the ability to communicate, and to establish and grow a professional network, is key. Not only is adept communication skill necessary to establish yourself; it’s also crucial to climbing the ladder, to setting yourself upon an upward path of promotion, opportunity and financial achievement.


The modern world of finance is computer-heavy, meaning those with the ability to use, learn and adapt to new systems and software will be better prepared to meet milestones and achieve success. Computer literacy is an essential aspect of the financial industry, and you must know how to navigate the world of IT in order to move ahead.


Finance is complex, and those with stronger aptitude for situational and system analysis and assessment will be better prepared for advancement. The ability to identify patterns and to accurately predict outcomes (within reason) is essential to any successful financial career.
Ryan Elantri was a student at The Pennsylvania State University from 2015 to 2017.