Monday, 25 July 2016

Ryan Elantri - Making a Good Career Choice

Making a career choice is not always an easy decision when you are a young adult. It often comes down to knowing yourself and understanding your skills and talents.

                                              Ryan Elantri
Ryan Elantri had a passion for Chinese from a young age. He pursued this passion throughout his elementary and secondary school years, and it formed part of his course work at the university level. He likes learning new things, especially languages, and in addition to majoring in Chinese, he is minoring in Arabic along with Business and Middle Eastern Studies Ryan plans to incorporate this varied skill set into a career in the financial services sector.

Many young people don’t know where to start when they contemplate a career, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Choosing a career should start with an assessment of skills and talents. People who are analytical might consider careers in business, science, research and finance. Liberal arts majors can hone their communication and problem-solving skills that are also crucially important in the work world.