About Ryan Elantri

Ryan Elantri obtained considerable insight and experience as a student at Penn State, and is now hopeful to put his education to work in the service of a successful career in financial services. A Penn State student from 2013 to 2017, Ryan Elantri not only enjoyed the chance to study and pursue a degree, but to gain firsthand experience, and to network, as a member and participant of several key organizations
Ryan Elantri

As a Penn State student, Ryan Elantri joined the Penn State Investment Association, serving as an Financials Sector Analyst for the $7 million, student-run hedge fund known as The Nittany Lion Fund, LLC. He also served as a Writer, Contributor and Editor-Member of Seeking Alpha and the Penn State Finance Society, where he was selected as a finalist in the Society’s 2015 Stock Pitch Competition.  
Ryan Elantri also enjoyed a semester in the Wall Street Boot Camp, a 40-student cohort designed to prepare students for entry-level careers ion Wall Street.