Thursday, 15 March 2018

Ryan Elantri: Defining Macroeconomics

A longtime student of economics at The Penn State University, Ryan Elantri knows well the subject of macroeconomics. A branch of study that covers the structure, behavior, performance and decision-making taking place within economies as a whole, macroeconomics generally refers to economies of considerable size, including those on a regional, national and/or international scale.

Macroeconomics, particularly within the classroom, includes the study of larger, aggregated economic indicators, factors such as price indices, GDP, national income, unemployment rates and how different sectors of a larger economy interact. Those who specialize in macroeconomics like Ryan Elantri, known as macroeconomists, often develop models to better understand the relationship between such indicators as savings, investment, national income, output, consumption and many more.
Now in pursuit of a career in the financial sector, 2017 Penn State graduate Ryan Elantri gained invaluableexperience and insight as a member of the Penn State Investment Association and the Penn State Finance Society.